Public and Media Relations

Favorable media coverage of a message or position is critical to the credibility of any organization in today’s marketplace. Skillful delivery of the right message to your target audience, across any medium, ensures positive media coverage whether it’s for a new product launch or the positioning of an issue or message.

Developing a comprehensive media relations strategy is at the core of every successful integrated communications program. Smith Fairfield, Inc. has been highly successful in helping clients gain positive media coverage—whether it’s for the most influential association; the largest woman’s organization in America; or the launch of a new product into the crowded marketplace. No matter what the client, SFI is driven to increase awareness about a good or service and dramatically improve their image.

What We Do:

  • Strategy and Message Development
  • Client Positioning
  • Media Plan Development
  • Video Production Services
  • Media Training
  • Press Conferences, Media Tours and Public Events
  • Op-Ed Development and Placement
  • Editorial Campaigns/Feature Stories/Speeches
  • Internet Campaigns/E-Communications
  • Social Networking and New Media
  • Guerilla (Grassroots) Marketing
  • Allied Group Development
  • Press Releases, Media Kits, Newsletters, Brochures, Posters, etc.