Marketing and Promotions

Today it’s difficult for marketers to reach and impact consumers. The consumer seems ever more elusive and ever more savvy to the daily barrage of marketing messages and campaigns. It’s not just enough to reach consumers and businesses on the mass level; they must be touched utilizing creative one-on-one marketing techniques.

Smith Fairfield, Inc. (SFI) has a solid reputation for successfully launching and branding new products, driving sales, and increasing market share. We have achieved this by using proprietary tools, creative thinking and a complement of marketing disciplines for business–to–business (B2B) and business–to–consumer (B2C) transactions. We have been able to deliver powerful programs that reach target audiences, building long-term brand loyalty with an eye squarely focused on achieving measurable results.

We utilize all marketing disciplines to provide strategic positioning, creative, branding, messaging, sampling and audience targeting. SFI consultants work to find the right message, in the right medium and at the right time always with an eye towards using consistent and effective message platforms. Our approach is to ensure that your integrated marketing campaign not only enhances your direct sales efforts, but also has a positive direct impact on your bottom line.

Our Services Include:

  • Brand Development/Positioning/Repositioning
  • Product Publicity/Launches
  • Cross Marketing and Promotions
  • Special Events
  • Retail Marketing
  • Entertainment and Sports Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Product Focus Groups/Polling/Surveys
  • Educational Forums
  • Cause Related Marketing/Social Impact Marketing

Smith Fairfield, Inc. is able to place your brand closer to the consumer through Grassroots Marketing. When the consumer needs more information and involvement with your brand, other than what they can get by watching a :30 television commercial or sampling exchange, we have a sales force of thousands of enthusiastic brand ambassadors ready and willing to generate product buzz and increased sales.

One of the hottest marketing trends is developing initiatives that create value for individuals and for society while promoting the brand. SFI has recently successfully paired many of its large non-profit clients with its corporate clients. This has created awareness and funds for the non-profits and created a richer branding experience—and increased sales—for corporate clients. This pairing is a win-win for all involved!