Today’s marketplace is fragmented, changes at breakneck speed and audiences are increasingly diverse and segmented. Consumers are continually bombarded by messages from social media (Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, etc.), television, radio, and other non-traditional forms of communication. To break out of the pack, integrated marketing strategies are crucial in today’s communications marketplace.

Integrated marketing strategies must be designed to reach consumers not only on a mass level but using specific one-on-one targeting. These strategies must be message specific, creative and be able to capture the attention, urgency and imagination of the consumer or public. Even national promotional events, combined with local grassroots/guerilla marketing campaigns, must be able to carry the message to the consumer no matter where he or she lives, works and plays.

SFI understands the role integrated marketing plays in today’s complex communications marketplace. Established in 1989, SFI is a full-service integrated communications and event management consulting firm specializing in Public Relations, Media Relations, Public Affairs, Marketing, Direct Response and Event Management. We have the talent and ability to draw from these marketing disciplines to provide strategic positioning, creative, branding, messaging, and targeting. By combining all of these disciplines, clients have the ability to reach audiences, drive home messages and/or deliver a call to action.

SFI has extensive and well-established relationships that create a vast network of strategic partners who can be called upon to provide clients with the highest quality service available. SFI and our team routinely conduct all stages of short and long-term integrated marketing campaigns for our clients, from conceptualization to implementation.

SFI’s full-service communications and creative capabilities make us ideal to prepare integrated marketing initiatives and/or product launches. Our campaigns help clients build their brands, get to market quickly and efficiently and achieve—and usually exceed—their marketing and sales objectives.