The U.S. Department of Energy frequently engages the help of Smith Fairfield, Inc. to produce and promote conferences, press conferences and workshops involving the research community, corporate America, Members of Congress and government agencies.

SFI produced DOE press conferences announcing the results of three major research initiatives involving breakthrough technologies in the areas of lighting, commercial building design and windows. SFI also produced conferences and Capitol Hill events that brought together stakeholders in the technology, energy and government sectors in order to facilitate future funding and public awareness of DOE initiatives. SFI provided full service event management and media relations to execute the various conferences and press opportunities.

“Whatever the job, whatever the need, this firm possesses the talent and skill set to provide excellent service, creative solutions and top-notch delivery. I could — without reservation — recommend this firm to any group, firm or company requiring meeting planning, event development/execution/follow-up and/or media relations. They perform at the highest level possible and are always our first choice when the opportunity arises to promote energy-related technologies via an event for Congress, the media and the public.” – Lani Macrae, Director of Communications, Office of Building Technology, State and Community Programs, U.S. Department of Energy