Stakeholder Development and Advocacy Activation

SFI has thirty years of experience mobilizing and activating stakeholder involvement. SFI professionals craft and implement strategic communication plans and utilize social media applications to help clients better utilize their allies and stakeholders to achieve results.

Most agencies rely on traditional grassroots and allied advocacy campaigns that are no longer effective. They have become cookie-cutter and predictable tools that don’t achieve significant results. Agencies typically utilize letter writing campaigns and press conferences / press releases as the foundation for reaching key decision-makers.

Our experience shows that the focus should be two-pronged; activating existing stakeholders and developing strategies to engage and identify new supporters and product beneficiaries. Identifying obvious stakeholders is easy; getting those individuals to wake up and become meaningfully engaged is the challenge. Educating, engaging and activating a larger universe of influencers – especially those who would normally not be aligned with your cause – can often times make the difference. SFI has a proven track record of engagement and successful outcomes with associated and diverging stakeholder interests.