Crisis Communications

Every organization is vulnerable to a crisis. But when a crisis threatens your company or organization’s reputation or brand, a fast and intensive response is essential.

Timely and decisive communication is critical to ensuring customers, employees and shareholders maintain confidence in an organization and in their products and services. And just as important to speed, is how that crisis is handled.

Increased public skepticism, greater transparency and the rise of digital marketing have fundamentally shifted the balance of power between corporations and organizations and their customers and supporters.  In many ways, the public is now driving the conversation, demanding responsive, responsible leadership and corporate accountability.  At the blink of an eye, a company or organization can be brought to its knees – and in some cases, at no fault of their own.

SFI and its team of professionals will work with a client’s litigation, risk management and lawsuit communications teams to help navigate the crisis, preserve the client’s reputation, and hopefully turn the crisis into an opportunity.

Our Crisis Communications Services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Message Development
  • Rapid-Response Team Management
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Management
  • Crisis Media Training
  • Third-Party Endorsements
  • Maintaining and Managing a 24-Hour “War Room”