SFI oversaw the logistics, trade show, and registration of over 18,000 individuals who took advantage of the “Air Force FIFTY” held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The purpose of the event was to highlight the central role air and space power plays in the defense of the United States as well as to thank and honor Air Force veterans.   The trade show, which covered five football fields, was one of the industry’s largest with over 300 exhibitors showcasing the industry’s ingenuity. Following the sessions, the AFA sponsored an air show that was enjoyed by over 500,000 guests at Nellis Air Force base. Air Force FIFTY was a historic occasion – more than 80 global air chiefs attended the three-day conference. The convention included speakers such as Lady Margaret Thatcher and former president George Bush. The conference concluded with the Power of the Dream gala, which demonstrated the pageantry and imagination of over fifty years of airpower.

The professionals at Smith Fairfield, their planning and logistical support help make “Air Force Fifty” a great success. Jennifer Smith and her team were there when we needed them most.” – Danny Marrs, Deputy Executive Director, Air Force Association