Karen Ann Curcio

Karen Ann Curcio has more than twenty-five years of strategic marketing/ communi-cations consulting experience for major international consumer product, high technology and pharmaceutical companies. Her areas of expertise include technology, health and nutrition, science and medicine, financial services, food and beverage, travel and leisure, entertainment and toys and games, among others. Curcio has a proven track record of developing cost-effective, results-oriented, and strategic marketing/communications programs that are planned, managed and executed in a timely fashion and within budget. Curcio has created programs for International Business Machines, Tektronix, American Express, American Brands/American Tobacco, Fisher Camuto/9 West Shoes, General Mills, Hiram Walker, Hoffmann-LaRoche, Quaker Oats, Random House, Ralston Purina, Parker Brothers, H.J. Heinz and many more. In the technology, healthcare, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, Curcio has extensive experience teaching executive-level presentation skills, and training and developing media spokespeople for a variety of international clients including Hoffmann-LaRoche, Pharmacia and Ortho Biotech Products, among others. She has also created me dia tours, speakers bureaus, scientific seminars and professional conferences for these firms. Additionally, Curcio served as a national media spokesperson for a major ophthalmic pharmaceutical company.